IBM and Ontario Centres of Excellence recognize TryCycle

Addiction is a complex illness and a growing issue.

In the United States, drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death, and opioid addiction is driving this epidemic. In Canada, the province of British Columbia saw five people die of a drug overdose within a nine-hour period in October of this year.

With overdose deaths being reported at epidemic levels, the field of addiction medicine and recovery has become fragmented and uncoordinated. Doctors, therapists, law enforcement officials, recovery coaches, sponsors, and families cannot keep up.


Let’s Try Something New

For people committed to the process of recovery, we developed a system that can help.

TryCycle is not a mobile app. Our system is an innovative technology designed to change the behavior of a person in recovery.


Creating a relationship between a person in recovery and their treatment team, the algorithm evaluates human inputs and behavioural data to predict the risk of relapse. Health Providers are empowered with real-time analytics to make informed decisions, addressing those who are most at risk.


Post-traumatic stress disorders in police officers, firefighters, military veterans, and other professionals in high stress occupations are on the rise. TryCycle’s innovative technology system can interact with PTSD individuals to help monitor and detect unhealthy patterns of behavior.


Promoting healthy habits and helping to better understand conditions of occupational stress, fatigue, and the emotional well-being of nurses and nursing professionals – TryCycle can be used to gather critical insights from front-line health professionals.