Hartford HealthCare Recognizes The Power of TryCycle

October 23, 2019

In an article distributed on the Health News Hub, clinical providers in the Hartford HealthCare Behavioural Health Network offer their observations regarding the successful implementation of the TryCycle platform in an article titled,TryCycle, a Mobile Tool, Gives Added Connection in Recovery.

TryCycle allows clients to use their phones to stay engaged and communicate with their provider outside of regularly scheduled appointments,” Monroe explained, adding that there are more than 10,000 phone apps in the mental health and substance abuse field but none tethers the client to the clinical team the way TryCycle does.

Melissa Monroe, Clinical Supervisor

The article goes on to note that, "The TryCycle algorithm evaluates client input and behavioral data to predict the risk of relapse, which sparks decision-making by providers to help those most at risk."

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TryCycle Data Systems Secures $150K Investment from Connecticut Innovations

October 16, 2019

TryCycle Data Systems is pleased to announce that the company has secured a $150,000 pre-seed investment from Connecticut Innovations (CI), the state’s strategic venture capital arm and the leading source of financing and ongoing support for Connecticut's innovative, growing companies. TryCycle intends to leverage the investment to accelerate growth, create jobs in Connecticut and scale its business in the United States

“Connecticut’s proximity to major cities like Boston and New York, along with the ability to access the third-most educated workforce in the nation, provides massive potential for success and long-term sustainability of TryCycle,” added MacBeth.

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TryCycle prepares to scale test their connected health and digital engagement platform

October 1, 2019

TryCycle develops and supports clinician-focused software systems, to address the growing epidemic of substance use, addiction and mental health. The company has started testing their digital health platform on the CENGN infrastructure to gain insight on system performance variables and evaluate enhanced cloud services and capabilities.

The project will ensure the system speed, accuracy and reliability continues to operate as expected before going to market with large-scale deployments. Additionally, they are utilizing CENGN’s commercial-grade infrastructure and technical expertise to scale test their solution at 20,000 mobile devices, providing TryCycle with an understanding of the system resource requirements as the number of software licenses are increased.

TryCycle’s project will be deployed in a cloud tenancy environment and will consist of multiple containers running Docker to ensure the TryCycle platform can be deployed in a containerized environment. TryCycle will be provided three virtual machines including a JMeter VM to generate traffic and simulate 20,000 machines for load testing, an Object Storage VM to run administration applications, and a PostgreSQL Database VM to monitor system performance during testing.

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TryCycle provides support to patients when their disease prevents them from making healthy decisions for themselves

April 30, 2019

When Connecticut made the Top 10 list for the number of opioid deaths by state for 2017, addiction experts at Hartford HealthCare were not surprised.

“The data is tragic but not new,” said Dr. J. Craig Allen, Medical Director of Rushford. “A multi-modal, all-hands-on-deck approach is what is needed to tackle an epidemic”, citing that “strategies like TryCycle, help staff provide the level of services patients need when going through detox.”

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TryCycle technology helps to foster deeper connections between Recovery Coach and Client

March 4, 2019
In an effort to maintain accountability, establish routine, and foster a deeper connection between coaches and their clients, Project Courage integrated TryCycle Data Systems into their Recovery Support Services (RSS) program, offering the unique ability to keep open communication about a client’s sentiments, trends, attitude and more.
“TryCycle incorporates old-school, accountability methods in a modern, accessible, and easy-to-use software. It builds an invisible bridge between client and coach," says Rob Deffendall, Director of Recovery Support Services.

TryCycle provides a service based on need rather than schedule, says recovering addicts

February 14, 2019

Project Courage integrates TryCycle technology into their Recovery Support Services (RSS) program, to maintain accountability with clients, establish a routine, and increase engagement. "It’s based on providing the service based on need rather this kind of scheduling system that doesn’t necessarily always work, especially with substance abuse disorders".

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'Amazing' talent fuelling Ottawa's tech boom, TryCycle presents at TiECon Canada 2018


November 2, 2018

Adam Nihmey, CFO of TryCycle Data Systems, started with a wake-up call about the opioid crisis: “People are dying.” The Ottawa firm’s solution tracks patients with substance abuse issues by giving them an app for regular journaling. On the clinician side, the rate of engagement and the content of the answers can inform the likelihood of relapse and give care providers the chance to step in to prevent further substance abuse.

Learn more about TryCycle's success at the TiECon pitchfest

TryCycle founders speak to Innovation Destination Hartford about working in Connecticut

October 30, 2018

Working to strengthen the relationship between people with addiction and their clinicians, TryCycle is on a mission. The Canadian startup company wants to prove that, armed with more data, therapists, prescribers, and recovery coaches can help people with addiction stay in recovery longer, save lives, and lower healthcare costs for treatment providers, insurance companies, and families.

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TryCycle on Fox 61

October 31, 2018

Dr. Craig Allen of Hartford Health Care and John MacBeth, TryCycle's Founder and CEO appeared on the local Fox 61 affiliate this morning to discuss the inroads that are being made in opioid addiction treatment using the TryCycle platform and predictive analytics.

TryCycle is featured in Canadian Healthcare Technology — Canada’s Magazine for Managers and Users of Information Systems in Health Care

October 29, 2018Canadian Healthcare Technology Logo

What happens after a patient with an opioid addiction leaves the treatment clinic?  Read our article here to learn more about TryCycle’s versatility, and how technology is helping health professionals care for more people.

Read the story in Canadian Healthcare Technology magazine

TryCycle Data Systems selected to join innovative Gates Foundation / UCONN Health project

October 19, 2018

Read more about this innovative project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Globe & Mail on TryCycle and IBM Partnership

September 20, 2018

Today's Globe & Mail contains a story detailing IBM's efforts to attack the opioid crisis with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Included in the story is a discussion about the partnership between TryCycle and IBM in this important effort.

From the feature:

MacBeth thinks this is a small price to pay for unchaining the counsellor response “from the tyranny of a calendar.”

He adds that “it makes absolutely no sense that a person who is in a crisis situation now has to wait two or three weeks to get an appointment with a practitioner. With something like TryCycle, response times can change and this reduces the strain on already stressed emergency and health resources; more importantly, it can help save lives.

Visit the Globe & Mail website to read the story

TryCycle ranks in Top 10 New England Startups

August 20, 2018

Local start-ups have become part of the effort to fight the opioid crisis with practical, usable ways to help addicts and the people who support them. From encouraging and maintaining sobriety to creating less addictive painkillers and helping cities measure community addiction, TryCycle is ranked within the top 10.

Local Spotlight: Substance Abuse Programs Adopt Mobile Tool

August 1, 2018

TryCycle CEO, John MacBeth, speaks with Robert Hayek at Addiction Now, about supply and demand issues, technology, and hope, amidst the opioid epidemic.  “The system is designed specifically to help practitioners become significantly more efficient in how they manage caseloads,” MacBeth said. “The more we learn, the earlier we can predict behavior, the easier it is for a practitioner to get away from his calendar and see a patient.”

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TryCycle Joins UCONN TIP; largest university-based technology business incubation program in Connecticut

June 25, 2018

400 Farmington Ave.

J. Gelineau/UConn Photo

A comprehensive platform, the Technology Incubation Program (TIP) provides a unique ecosystem to support innovators and entrepreneurs to succeed through the most critical stages of their journey. “We’re very proud to be accepted into the UConn TIP community,” TryCycle President and CEO John MacBeth said. “The opportunity to access leading edge experience and resources will help accelerate our path to commercialization.”

Click here to read the full story or download a pdf.

TryCycle Featured in The Hartford Courant

July 24, 2018

"To Fight Opioid Epidemic, Farmington Startup Creates 'Digital Tether' Between Patient And Doctor"

The Hartford Courant caught up with TryCycle Data Systems founders, John MacBeth and Ken House, and featured the advances that the platform is bringing to opioid treatment in Connecticut.

The crisis is only gaining speed in Connecticut. In the last five years, the state has reported 4,083 accidental drug-related deaths, including more than 1,000 deaths in 2017 alone, according to data from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. But new tools like TryCycle are helping to stem the tide of relapse and repeat overdose.

According to Dr. Jim O'Dea, vice president of operations at Hartford Healthcare Behavioral Health Network:

It's an innovation in care delivery.

TryCycle is featured on IBM’s home page!

June 12, 2018

Find out how we’re using Watson AI to fight opioid addiction and treat people in recovery.

IBM Recognizes Success at TryCycle

May 29, 2018

IBM LogoIBM has recognized the important work that TryCycle Data Systems is doing to support opioid recovery, and has featured CEO and Founder, John MacBeth, on their Client Success Field Notes website.

The TryCycle platform utilizes multiple services from the IBM Watson catalogue, including sentiment analysis, tone analyzer, and Watson Studio to better interpret the data that our clients generate.

Learn more about the story behind TryCycle Data Systems, how we engage with the IBM platform, and where we want to go next with our unique technology.

TryCycle Data Visits the Capital Angel Network

Ottawa, December 13, 2017

John MacBeth,TryCycle Data Founder and CEO, was featured at the final Capital Angel Network “Mashup & Social” event for 2017 at the Canadian Museum of History.

Below is the five-minute interview with John on the future of TryCycle - compliments of Techopia Live.

After 125 years of status quo, it’s time to Try a new care Cycle in the fight against substance use.John MacBeth

Jonathan Rezek on AI Accelerating Medical Breakthroughs

Ottawa, December 12, 2017

Jonathan Rezek is a member of the National Innovation Team at IBM Canada and a great friend to everyone at TryCycle Data.

Please watch this remarkably personal video about Jonathan and his vision to harness the power of IBM Watson in the field of Parkinson’s medical research.

TryCycle CEO on 1310 News

1310 Logo

Ottawa, December 7, 2017

TryCycle Data Founder and CEO, John MacBeth, was featured in an interview on AM 1310 News today. The broad ranging conversation focused on the growing opioid crisis and the approach that TryCycle Data is taking to help medical professionals tackle the behavioral issues.

Listen to the full 10 minute interview in the player below.

Ottawa, November 20, 2017

TryCycle Data continues to grow and gain recognition in the community, and today we are proud to announce that TryCycle Data is the featured cover story for this week's edition of the Ottawa Business Journal!

The story is titled, 'Early warning system' gives opioid addicts new weapon in fight to stay clean, and features an interview with CEO, John MacBeth.

It’s an early warning system for reusing. It sounds simple, but it’s taken a few years to crack the code.John MacBeth, CEO

Ottawa, November 8, 2017

CNA LogoJohn MacBeth, CEO & President of TryCycle Data and Mike Villeneuve, CEO of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) delivered a joint announcement today about their new partnership agreement.

Said Villeneuve,Health-system funders and decision-makers constantly face challenges when deciding which technologies will better serve patients and health-care providers. In partnering with TryCycle, CNA will bring nurses — health professionals with critical insights into what works best for delivering care — to the table to inform discussions and help guide and test e-tools to improve access, effectiveness, timeliness and appropriateness of care. This affiliation creates a mechanism to develop and validate innovative tools and resources that are badly needed now."

Learn more about this exciting partnership.