On April 4th 2020, the TryCycle team was informed that a teammate and friend of ours lost a beloved family member to this horrible virus. We are all devastated by this unwelcome news and our hearts go out to him and his family. No one is immune from this scourge and everyone is at risk. We will get through this together, but we MUST follow the rules if we are going to minimize the impact of COVID-19. Therefore, we are dedicating our free for everyone COVID-19 module in honour of Mr. Mohamed Shariat Ullah. Godspeed Mohamed and you will not be forgotten. In his memory we will do all that we can to save future families from the pain and suffering our close friend and his family are enduring tonight.
On behalf of the Team TryCycle, John MacBeth

March 12th 2020

The vast majority of our clients and partners are either in a state lockdown or soon will be.

Clinicians are being forced to work from home and as a result, they’re beginning to realize that they don't have the necessary tools to manage an exclusively remote caseload. Therefore, we believe we're obligated to help where we can.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, TryCycle is releasing our COVID-19 Remote Health Monitoring module for free so that we can help our friends focus on rapidly identifying infected people who are forced into quarantine.

As soon as they are suspected of being infected, getting them into isolation is absolutely imperative. Once isolated they’ll be eligible for specific medical triage efforts.

No small print. No caveats. No restrictions.

Please contact us at pandemic@nulltrycycledata.com for more information.

We’re stronger together and we will get through this!

The TryCycle Team