Using Technology to Connect People

A Digital Compassionate Tether – TetherAll is a mobile app-based engagement tool that provides a private, flexible connection between a client and their health team, saving valuable time for the clinician and optimizing the treatment experience.

How it Works

No mental health or substance use story is the same, and through use of a sophisticated system of analysis in the background, the application is able to turn data into dialogue. TetherAll uses patient data collected to create a clinician dashboard that is secure, intuitive, and provides up-to-the-minute information about the client. This means the door is open to meaningful conversations that advance treatment and build client-therapist trust and rapport. The client will learn to be aware of healthy recovery habits, as well as building and strengthening awareness about their treatment trajectory, while knowing that their care team is there to provide a boost, when needed. Traditional therapy teaches and talks about recovery – clients using TetherAll practice recovery – putting recovery skills into action.

HIPAA Compliant – Guaranteed Secure and Confidential

TetherAll is verified by HIPAA, signaling that all data is completely confidential and secure. For the client, this means that all information shared in the TetherAll App is visible only to authorized and trusted members of the care team.

OCAP Compliant (First Nations – Canada)
TryCycle Data Systems ensures that all its solutions adhere to the First Nations Principles of ownership, control, access, and possession (OCAP), which asserts that First Nations have control over data collection processes, and that they own and control the use of the information.

The client’s path through therapy to recovery is unpredictable and requires access to supports that sometimes seem out of reach, when needed the most. A prescribed tool as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, TetherAll creates a digital link between clients and care providers that is easily accessible, reliable, and customized to meet the individual needs of each relationship.

Using a smart device, TetherAll uses the power of artificial intelligence to turn data into dialogue in real time, helping the clinical team to identify factors that may indicate treatment regression and risk of relapse. TetherAll is not a crisis tool; however, having the client report and journal their feelings one day at a time – “in the moment” – will offer the clinician better insights to make decisions, thereby reducing risks and supporting treatment planning.

TetherAll provides a simple solution to complex problems by offering a user-friendly interface that is backed up by high-powered data analysis, allowing the clinical team to make decisions with confidence. It is also a decision support tool that provides the clinician and the client a clear, detailed summary of the progress towards wellness, while supporting planning for possible barriers.

Helps the care team reinforce positive habits that are important to recovery, increasing awareness and insight, while building recovery behaviours and accountability.

Provides a way to monitor moods, and contains a digital journal feature, to help clients capture and record important thoughts and feelings to enrich therapeutic conversations.

Helps to identify early patterns, warning signs and symptoms of relapse, and plan for mitigation and supporting effective, efficient communication.

Supports regular reflection and self-assessment to help clients take ownership of their journey to wellness.